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Explainations about Titania (TT) photocatalyst

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 1.      Why are the TT nano products quite cheap

After over ten years’ scientific research and with great achievements on Nano-TiO2 colloid, Titania Nano Company owns the state-of-the-art technologies of producing nanometer titanium dioxide colloid, and that is reason why TT products can be sold in relatively lower price. The NanoTiO2 colloid products can be applied in the production of photocatalyst and other industries, such as wastewater treatment,textiles,painting and ceramic industries.


2.      Why does the Titania nano photocatalyst have the significant practical application

The raw material of photocatalyst - Nano-TiO2 is the most efficient, stable, non-toxic catalyst, but it can only absorb the Ultra-violet light whose wavelength are below 380 nm. In order to obtain the possible activities with the visible light, a tiny amount of precious metal is doped into the TT nano photocatalyst to decorate slightly the surface of nanometer particles. And that is the reason why the TT nano photocatalyst has a unique excellent photocatalystic performance even in cars and indoors.


3.      Except for TT nano photocatalyst, why does the Titania Company develop its formaldehyde remover

As we have known, the inner surface of furniture cannot get the light, and it is one of the major sources of formaldehyde pollutions. According to the mechanism of photocatalyst, the photocatalyst can only take effective with the trigger of lights, Therefore, the Titania Nano Company elaborately has developed the TT formaldehyde remover which specializes in the treatment of the formaldehyde in the furniture. It is an excellent, safe and effective formaldehyde remover.