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The advantage of cooperating with Titania Nano company

Hunan Titania Nano Science & Technology Co.Ltd is specialized in the production of photocatalyst. As a professional supplier of photocatalystic products and air pollution treatment products, the company is dedicated to cooperating with the sales agents all over the world. TT company will help the agent’s development and work together for a brilliant future.

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Welcome to join the agent of The Titania Nano Science & Technology Co.Ltd

Agent products

1.     Poducts:Titania photocatalyst for vehicles,Titania photocatalyst for houses, Formaldehyde scavenger.

Titania photocatalyst for houses series products includes: Photocatalyst for offices, Photocatalyst for the houses with children and pregnant women, Photocatalyst for the house furnishings, etc.


2.     Service: specialized in the serve for the indoor air pollution treatment(the technology and operation flow)



1.      There is a bright prospect and market potential in the field of environmental pollution treatment.

2.      Upholding science and integrity, Titania Company aims to provide world-class products and services.  We are sincere  to cooperate with agents throughout the country and nurture their development and offer relevant support.

3.      All the products in our company are of independent intellectual property, the technical level has reached the world frontier of corresponding professional technology. The company is in cooperation with South China University of TechnologyWith abundant talents in technical research and development, we are quite competent in solving the problems related to technology.

4.       Compared with other industry peers, our products are more technically competitive. Titania Nano photocatalyst has excellent degradation functions for contaminants and the advantage of releasing negative oxygen ions and antimicrobial, our products can work normally no matter it is indoors or in car. The nanoparticles of the products owned favourable nondispersity and ashesion.

5.      You will reap huge fruit in agent sales. Our company will transfer agents some preferential profit space and market space, so as to guarantee that the commercial agents will acquire affluent profit and development.

6.      Resource sharing. If necessary, Titania Nano company will provide the commercial agents with free professional intellectual and sales training. All the company’s advertisement and profit model can be freely shared, in order to improve the profit and development of commercial agents.

7.      Welcome to join  Titania Nano Science & Technology Co.Ltd,exempt alliance expense.


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